Sumaura Sanjo Yuen Park

Sumaura Ropeway

Travel from Sumaura-koen Station to the peak, 246 meters above sea level, in approximately 3 minutes on the Umihiko or Yamahiko at a speed of 2.5m/sec, while enjoying views of Osaka Bay and the Seto Inland Sea.


As seen on TV!
The Carlator travels 91m up to the Revolving Observation Tower. Ride the 2-seater car and enjoy the view on either side while traveling up the 25º-steep incline.

Sightseeing Lift

Take the 268m-long lift, which travels at 1m/sec, to Harima Station in approximately 4 minutes and crosses the border between the old counties of Settsu and Harima while enjoying the view of Awaji Island and the Seto Inland Sea.

Minicar Land

Drive Dokin-chan, Anpanman and Hello Kitty mini-cars.

Cycle Monorail

Cycle on a 2-seater bicycle 3–8m above the ground along a 180m-long rail and enjoy the wonderful view.

Observation Tower

Relax in the free rest area on the 1st floor and enjoy the nostalgic music of SHOWA JAPAN on the jukebox.
Adults and children alike can enjoy playing games in the Game Parlor on the 2nd floor. Test your skill on Space Invaders, which was popular more than 30 years ago.
Take a break at Cosmos and admire the scenery as this café on the 3rd floor slowly turns 360º. Enjoy the panoramic view of Osaka Bay and Kobe Airport in the east, and Awaji Island and Pearl Bridge in the west.


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Park Hours(Ropeway Hours) 10:00-17:00 (Varies by season)
Park Closed Tuesdays (However, open on national holidays and during summer vacation)

Ropeway Fare and Attraction Admission

Adult Child
Course A (Full Circuit)
Ropeway/Carlator/Revolving Observation Tower/Sightseeing Lift
1,800 yen 1,350 yen
Course B (Observation Tower Course)
Ropeway/Carlator/Revolving Observation Tower
1,200 yen 750 yen
Ropeway only One way 500 yen 250 yen
Return 920 yen 460 yen
Carlator only One way 200 yen 200 yen
Return 350 yen 350 yen
Sightseeing Lift only One way 440 yen 440 yen
Return 600 yen 600 yen

Park admission is free.
* Child: 6-12 years old
* One infant (1-6 years old) per ticket holder free.